About Me

Hey there! I’m Kelley Greene.


There was a dessert in this picture, but I’ve cropped it out. Partially because…my hair is in the plate. Whoops.

I’ve lived in Chicago for a little over 6 years, but grew up in Southeast Texas. I’d like to think I’m used to the winters now…mostly. By day, I do technical support for a well known tech company, and in my free time I’m finishing up my first novel, blogging, and writing TV pilots, movies, and a little sketch comedy now and then.

I’m obsessed with good TV, books and movies, as well as bargain shopping!I am admittedly a total geek who loves Star Trek and Wars, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, and everything in between. I love all things 60s. Mod Queen, at your service. I also love basically all forms of social media. Really, it’s just the internet. I love the internet. I’d marry it, if I wasn’t already married to this guy.

Photo Credit to John Gentry Photography (2014)
Photo Credit to John Gentry Photography (2014)

Damon’s not sick of me quite yet, so he decided to keep me around for a while longer.

Let’s chill on social media and talk about cool stuff, mkay?