Holiday Gift Guide – Book of the Month

I’ve already started Christmas shopping this year — and in fact, am nearly finished — so I’m pretty happy to have gotten the jump on gifts this time around. But, if you’re like me every other year and are still trying to decide what to get the people you love (or like, or…well, let’s hope you’re not getting gifts for someone you don’t even like; that sounds awful), I’m going to be sharing some gift guides over the next couple of weeks.

As a quick note, this post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. But I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t think it was awesome and totally worth it!

First up, Book of the Month.

I subscribed to this for the first time 3 months ago, and am in love. I adore subscription services, but really only have a select few that I’ve stuck with. This is one of the boxes I’ve really connected with. Though I write fiction, I tend to read mostly non-fiction via either Kindle e-book or Audiobook. And the truth is, I’ve missed reading great books, and I’ve missed that awesome book-feel you get when you turn paper pages.

I think part of what can feel daunting about finding new fiction books is that I’m not sure what books will be good. Most of the stuff I’ve read in the last five years was either an author I’m familiar with (a la JK Rowling) or a recommendation from a friend. And that’s exactly what Book of the Month is like — a recommendation from a friend.

This is my first-ever BOTM box. Cute tote, a box of mints, The Wonder, note from the curator, and a bookmark.

Book of the Month has curators who find the best books suited to a few genres, and then they decide based on your preferences what you might like. (They also do guest curators — last month I chose a book recommended by Anthony Bourdain, and this month Abbi Jacobson selected an option!) Then every month, you get to check out the 5 recommended options — and if you want to choose something different, you can. You know you’re going to end up getting a book that’s interesting to you (or, if you’re not feeling any of the selections, you can skip — but I haven’t done that once…in fact, this month, I ADDED two books to my box). If more than one of the books look great, you can add them on for a small fee.

This month, they recommended Swimming Lessons By Claire Fuller. But after reading the synopses for the rest of the books, I added in You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott and The Sun is Also a Star By Nicola Yoon. Since I added books, I could ship the box now instead of waiting for the 7th. I should have plenty to read over the holidays!

These are the gift options they provide:

❄ 3-Month Gift Membership: $44.97
❄ 6-Month Gift Membership: $83.94
❄ 12-Month Gift Membership: $143.88
(I also want to note that I love this pay-ahead subscription model. You’re not going to get some random charge on your credit card that you forgot about. You just know when it’s time to go back and re-up.)

For the quality of curated hardcover books you’ll be getting, these prices are pretty solid. I highly recommend this as a gift for the readers in your life. Or even for yourself, if you’re considering a fantastic New Year’s Resolution like reading one new book a month😉. If you get a gift subscription for someone else, you can get a one-month free trial for yourself! Because let’s be honest, you know some of the shopping you do in December is for yourself. I totally picked up a few gifts for myself. It happens.

Hit me up on social media if you have any questions about my experience with it or if you just want to talk about the books you’ve received. Always happy to talk about a good book (and take book recommendations!)!

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