Influenster – SpiceVoxBox & Honeywell Humidifier

Influenster Spice VoxBox Review

I’m a member of a pretty cool site called Influenster. Their basic premise is that they give you free samples of cool products to try in exchange for you talking about the products on your blog and/or social media accounts. If you’re interested, sign up here.

This month, I got some pretty awesome stuff. I first received the Honeywell Removable Top Fill Console Humidifier, which was awesome because the old humidifier we had in our bedroom was nearly at the end of its life. And in Chicago, you can’t really survive a winter without a humidifier. (Okay, you can, but you don’t want to. Ask five-years-ago me that had a sinus infection for four months. Actually, don’t. She’ll cough all over you.)

Here’s a picture of the guy we got:

You’ll notice it’s situated on a towel. That’s because, for some reason, it leaks from time to time. We’ve had this issue with every humidifier we’ve ever had. Not sure if it’s because we’re overfilling it or what. We really like humid air.

That being said, this thing is great. It shuts itself off when it’s empty (unlike the Vornado one we had before that ran forever until it was making horrible sounds as it tried to humidify our bedroom with dry air and dog hair). The two tanks on the side are huge, so it feels like it lasts a good long while anyway. We just fill it up at night before bed and it’s still running in the morning when we leave the house.

Overall, we are really digging it. I’d recommend it.

The second goody I received is the SpiceVoxBox. Here’s a shot of its contents:

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It includes:

The Good Health Veggie Straws were the first to go. Damon is the salty snack-meister in our household and was on them right away. He saved me some, though! And they were pretty dang good.

Beauty products are a little tougher to get me on — I’ve got some staples which I’ll discuss at a later date. I’ve not sampled any of these yet. Looking forward to the Foot Petals next time I wear real shoes. I’ve been off work for 11 days and I mean, why put on real clothes when you don’t have to?

Finally, the Yogi Tea. I love tea. I’ve got a growing collection of weird mugs solely for tea-ing purposes. Coffee is too bitter for me and besides, tea is fancier and oh-so-British.

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Result: DELISH.

“Let things come to you.” Okay Yogi Tea, if you insist.

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