Quaker Cranberry Almond Breakfast Flats from Influenster

As part of my ongoing fun of testing out products with Influenster, I received some Quaker Breakfast Flats to try, Cranberry Almond flavor. Damon and I gave them a whirl this morning.

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These are actually surprisingly good. I don’t really eat breakfast bars much because I feel like they waver somewhere between extremely sugary and hard as a rock/overly grainy. They also tend to give me heartburn, because I’m 100.

Anyhoo, these are pretty good. The cranberry adds sweetness without a ton of sugar or icing, and the rest of it doesn’t taste like cardboard. And the texture is kind of like a hard cookie, so my teeth remained intact.

If it’s any indication, I had a couple bites to test, then set the rest down in the kitchen. Damon complained he thought they left a weird aftertaste, but then finished the rest of them (sans the piece he dropped on the floor accidentally and Honey ate — I’d ask her for her opinion of them, but she’s pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to people food). So, I’d say if you’re looking for a snack of some sort these are definitely worth a try.

Thanks for the free food, Influenster and Quaker!

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