An Open Letter to the Older Generation of Democrats That Are Voting For Hillary Clinton


This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been involved in a presidential campaign. I know it isn’t yours. But do you remember what it felt like to be this excited? Do you remember the first time you found a candidate that you could really get behind? One that really cared about you, as a person?


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I know young people may seem apathetic sometimes. Heads down, forever scrolling through our iPhones. “Look around you!” you think. This may come as a surprise, but — we are. This is how we communicate. This is how we get our information. This is how we learn about the world around us. We wear your high waisted bell bottom jeans, your mustaches. We listen to record players. And though it may not seem like it, we do it because we care about your stories. They’re important to us.

When you went to college, you worked hard. So do we. But you were able to pay for your college tuition by working while you went to school. We aren’t. I know you hear this all the time, but the truth is, things really are different now. We want to work. We want to contribute. We want to own houses. We want to start businesses. We want to follow our dreams. We want to take care of you. But what do we do when wanting isn’t good enough?

We deserve to be able to make lives for ourselves after college. And we deserve to get the education we need for free. All that investment goes right back in to our country. We’re your doctors, your nurses, your financial advisors, the authors of your books. But it’s very difficult to do those things when you’re starting off in debt. When you can’t quit your day job for fear of losing your health insurance. We deserve better. All of us.

I’m not going to do something silly like blame you for global warming. In the history of our country, we’ve known about this for a relatively short period of time. You guys didn’t know any better. But I might blame you if we can’t get someone in office that even believes it’s happening. And if you’ve seen the polls — well, Hillary isn’t as electable as you might think. Bernie beats the republicans. She doesn’t.

I hold my fellow humans in high esteem. All of them. I make my choices from a place of understanding. Compassion. Bernie has it. He always has. I don’t want to send a child anywhere to teach anyone a lesson. I don’t want to send a soldier anywhere unless there is no option left, and we have the support of allies. Everyone deserves protection, safety, and the opportunity to build a life for themselves.


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Let’s talk about Bernie’s biggest campaign issue: campaign finance reform. This is important. You may not want to hear this, but Hillary is part of the establishment. We need a major change in this country. We bailed Wall Street out. Hillary is taking their money. There’s just no way that she can fight them the way we need her to fight them. If a friend referred you for a job, would you then try to get your friend fired? Of course not. Wall Street supporting her campaign is a job referral. One that comes with a high price.

Yeah, Bernie’s been in the senate a long time. But he’s always been the way he’s always been. Bernie is who is he is. What you see is what you get. Arrested during a sit-in. Part of the march on Washington. He’s one of you. He’s one of us.

It’s time for a political revolution. His ideas may seem ‘pie in the sky’, but they aren’t — if we can make the changes we need to in our political system. “Bernie can’t pass this legislation” — well, why not, if the people doing the passing are of the same mind? “Bernie can’t pay for everything” — of course he can. Seen the tax plan? It can work. I believe it can work.


This may sound morbid, so please know it isn’t intended in that way. But, my generation is the future of this country. The hard fact is, we’re the ones that are going to be here after you’re gone. So, why not help us make it into the place that we want to live in?

I know we may seem very different, but the truth is, we aren’t. And as Bernie would say, “When we come togetha” — we can make a difference. And you should know. Your generation is the one that did this the first time around. You paved the way for us. And we’re ready. Stand with us now. Let us shoulder the burden. We’re ready.

A 30-year old adult millennial who is Feeling The Bern 🔥

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