#DemTownHall and Dick Van Dyke

I’ll be live tweeting the #DemTownHall tonight (So, come hang out on Twitter!) between working on my novel and dozing off on the couch. Ironically we’re having lasagna again — unplanned — well, planned on our meal plan, unplanned that it’d be lasagna and politics again. I certainly won’t complain though; there are few things I love more than a good-sized pile of cheese with some carbs thrown in for good measure.

I wanted to share this video of Dick Van Dyke endorsing Bernie Sanders, too — I think it really gets at the heart of my previous post. (To note, I have a lot of love for Dick Van Dyke — I used to sit endlessly and watch his show on Nick at Nite as a kid. I was always ecstatic when he managed not to trip over the ottoman in the opening credits. So as you can imagine, I was really excited to see this.) Enjoy!

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