Democratic Town Hall & Debate

Busy last night and tonight with two of my favorite things: politics and Twitter.

I realized today that saying politics is something I am interested in means I must be officially old. I’m 30 now; I had to Google “FOMO” last week and also referred to a 26-year old author as a “kid”, so I believe I’ve made the transition.

You know how you can tell if the person you’re talking to on the phone is elderly, just by listening to the sound of their voice? I always wondered if your voice just one day makes the shift to “old person voice”. Like, you just wake up one morning and that’s it — you’re old now, and everyone knows it. You can get a facelift or Botox, eat naturally and exercise, but once your voice changes — it’s over.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that today I had to Google the word “tax” because I forgot the name for Turbo Tax; today it also took me about 3 hours to remember the word radius and in the moment instead I had to draw a circle with my arms and call it a “bubble”.

I’ll note, I’m recalling as I type that there are times this definitely happened earlier in life. In college, I took an Anthropology course (well a couple, actually) with one of my favorite Professors, Dr. Darryl DeRuiter. Great professor, super interesting subject, really fun class. But I always struggled to remember the specific terminology for things, especially the skeleton. I remember a particular incident where we were having a discussion in class and I couldn’t recall the word maxilla (which I’ll never forget now), and instead described it as “the top mouth”. Dr. D found it hilarious, and conveniently it was in the PowerPoint the following week. He told me, “I better not accidentally say this in front of my freshmen!” I told him if he did, it was his fault for repeating it and getting it stuck in his own head. He did accept it as a correct answer on my test, though, IIRC.

Anyway, I’m off to live tweet the #DemDebate this evening. Join me on Twitter!

Maybe I’ll play with my app as well…either that or your girl needs some damn Ginkgo Biloba.



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