This was an insane weekend of EXTREME everything.

Firstly, Friday night, our IKEA Malm bed frame broke. I’d love to have some steamy story to tell, but Damon was literally just climbing in to bed and BOOM! EXTREME BREAKAGE! The front corner (left if you’re facing the bed) went down. Scared the bejeezus out of Honey, and left our bed at a weird dropped angle. We tried rearranging the planks we’d stuck in it but it was too late. We slept at like a 45 degree angle, with me on the high side. Which was a complete nightmare. I woke up a billion times just to crawl back up to my pillow.

So Saturday, we had to get a new bed. We’d given up on IKEA at this point (this is the second Malm we’ve been through), and decided to go for something a little nicer. We decided to go with West Elm, and braved the pelting snow (EXTREME!) to go to the store.

We ended up with this cool bed frame:

Modern Bed, Linen Weave.

Let me also add that we went down to West Elm figuring they might not have everything we wanted in stock, so we had 3 or 4 beds we were willing to go with. This was not one of them, but was the only bed they had available. We (read: me) weren’t about to sleep on our tilted mattress another night, so we went with it. It’s actually super nice.

We got the thing crammed in to the back of the car, but it didn’t fit. So we had to cruise down North Ave with the back of our car hanging open, from Kingsbury to the Home Depot (not far, just over a lil bridge). Please note that it had stopped snowing while we were in the store, but had picked back up with a renewed fervor when we left, and the wind was whipping around all over the place. Damon got some twine and tied down the back of the car, we went to the house and dropped the bed off.

A couple of weeks ago at Target we’d seen some pretty sweet end tables we were considering using for night stands, and now — what better excuse to pick these guys up?


So in the EXTREME blinding sunlight, the day began to warm up and we swung by the Target on Elston. They’d had 3 of the tables when we were there before, and now they had two, and they didn’t match each other very well (the wood is kinda stripey). We bought the one we liked and agreed to go to another Target. We carried this and our groceries out in the light snow, then headed to finish picking up groceries at Fresh Thyme.

At this point it was snowing again, hard. We went to the other Target, grabbed the other table, and then finally went home. TO START PUTTING THE BED TOGETHER.

Assembly was surprisingly easy, and was quite nice as the sun had started shining again and was streaming through the bedroom window. The thing that took us the longest was cleaning the entire room after we’d taken practically all the furniture out. We scrubbed the floors, the baseboards — there was dust on the wall. I don’t even know how that got there. Insanity.

Now. I’d been making plans all week to KonMari the bathroom. I’ll be following up soon with some additional information on the kitchen and my papers, but this has to be recorded as well, and is convenient as part of my weekend discussion. So, once the bedroom was pretty well set, I dragged everything out of the bathroom and onto the kitchen floor. I present you:

bathroom 1

Anyone who has visited our place knows how small our bathroom is, so the fact that this much stuff came out of there…Damon just kept saying “More?!” as I was piling it up.

Damon and I aren’t particularly smelly people, but we had 11 sticks of deodorant. And I definitely have a lot of hair, but not sure if it was enough to warrant a pile of hair ties this size:


Effing yikes. To my credit, a lot of these were up high in a top shelf and I didn’t have daily access to them. So, there’s that. I was able to pare things down pretty quickly, and while I did that, Damon gave the bathroom a deep cleaning. After about an hour, this is all that remained:


As you can imagine, it was much easier putting everything away.

By the time we finished everything, it was 9 PM, and we were starving. We had an EXTREMEly late dinner and then both completely passed out.

Sunday was relatively uneventful — I had to spend a few hours at work, and Damon and I were so exhausted we couldn’t even think about cleaning anything else. But we were loving our new furniture so much, we bought ourselves this new bookshelf to match our bed.


(I’ll also note that we have an old piece of furniture that came out of a dog-themed store (treats ‘n’ food ‘n’ such) we’re using for our TV stand in the bedroom right now, but that’s a story for another time. It legit has a paw print as the grip for the drawer.) It’s going to have to function more like an entertainment center but should hike the TV up enough that we can watch it comfortably from our bed. Exciting.

From EXTREME weather to EXTREME cleaning to EXTREME furniture building and shopping, this weekend was just crazy. Looking forward to lazing about this Saturday, as long as nothing in our house breaks and requires replacement*!

*Knocking on wood so hard right now.

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