‘Lake’ Geneva

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Damon and I got home Friday night, I posted a quick update to the blog and then we headed out for our trip. We made a quick stop by the nearby Salvation Army to drop off another 9 bags full of junk from the house (again, more on this later), and decided to quickly run through Taco Bell to grab a little food since we wouldn’t be arriving until late and planned to have a nice dinner in the hotel.

We dropped off the stuff, grabbed our Taco B snack, and then he started looking up the directions to the hotel on his phone. I’d checked everything on Google Maps earlier in the day so I knew we should be heading Northwest, up 94. Damon searched “Herrington Inn” and just selected the top option from Google, which had him driving straight West, via Hwy 90.


“That’s not right,” I said.

“What do you mean, it’s not right? This is the only Herrington Inn I saw,” he replied.

I pulled up my phone to look for myself. “Hang on,” I said as I flipped through the results. I tried spelling it “Harrington Inn”. Still nothing in the vicinity. I searched “Herrington” again. “Look in your email for the address, would you? This is taking us the wrong way.”

Damon sighed heavily and pulled his phone back down from where he’d wedged it in to the dash for GPS’ing. “Fine.” He scrolled through, then finally found it. “Look, see?” He said. “This is exactly what I was looking at.”

I read over the address, confused for a moment; then things started to click. The Herrington Inn we’d booked via Groupon was in Geneva, Illinois. Not Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


Shit. How did we manage this? Neither of us seemed to be sure or fully clear on what had happened. We’d booked the room probably 6 weeks ago. I’d been researching Lake Geneva for the past two, making a list of all the fun things we might want to do.

Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed. But we’d already paid for the hotel stay, dropped Honey off at the boarders’…what were we going to do now? After much groaning and complaining, we decided to head out towards Geneva.

To note: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin sits on a lake and has tons of tiny shops, skiing, boat tours, and all sorts of things in the area to do and see. Geneva, Illinois has a few tiny shops, a river you can almost see a Mobil station from, and an outlet mall.

The hotel was pretty nice. A few issues here and there. Every night they turn your bed down for you and leave 2 chocolate chip cookies and 2 tiny jugs of milk in the room for you. We didn’t eat either of them while we were there but I did snag the cookies for later. If I’m not stealing tiny soaps you can bet your ass I’ll be taking the cookies.


The food was pretty mediocre at the hotel itself, but we did find a great breakfast place called Buttermilk. De-lish.

And we went to the outlet mall, if you were wondering. We both got some new pants and some new shoes. Damon’s pretty happy with his purchase.

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Overall, the weekend was fun. Though we weren’t far from home, it was still nice to get away from our responsibilities. However, I vow to read all hotel bookings more carefully from now on.

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