A New Dresser For Our Car

Early last month, Damon and I bought a small dresser from IKEA to put in our closet.

IKEA Kullen Dresser

The one he’s currently using for his unmentionables is one we bought at an estate sale for $10, and…well, we’ll just say we got our $10 worth out of it. It’s ready to move on to limbo (our alleyway), and it’s afterlife (when someone drives by, picks it up and does something far more creative with it than we could have). Suffice it to say, it’s on its last legs. It works, but it needs to go.

Anyway, we had a few other things to pick up out at the Schaumburg Swedish Superstore so we made the trip. And of course, it’s IKEA, so we spent hours there and I ended up buying some lighting, some shelves for Damon’s studio, and some weird foldable boxes that I have not found a use for yet:

IKEA Glodande Box With Lid

(Mine are the teal colored ones with red, white, and blue feathers. It was around the 4th of July, and I get real jacked up over patriotic stuff. It hasn’t ended this year because of the Olympics, and I’ve already bought two different pairs of patriotic Teva sandals. Help me.)

DSW Teva Patriotic Platform Sandals
DSW Teva Patriotic Sandals

I’m getting distracted.

Point is, we went to IKEA, we bought a lot of things. Some of these things we needed, some we did not. And then we got home, and I tossed the boxes into the closet and we had our hands full with everything else so we left the dresser in its box, in the back end of the car, where it has resided ever since.

It lives there now, I guess. For the foreseeable future. Our car has a really nice new dresser, still in the box.


That’s all. Now quick, tell me about a time when you got procrastinate-y so I feel better about myself.


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