New Year, New Me

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What good is a writer that doesn’t write?

I’m not sure, but I assume I’m going to find out after I finish slogging through this textbook called The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World. My boyfriend kindly bought me this for book for Christmas (because he knows I love nothing more than a good self-help, kick-your-own-self-in-the-ass read) but I feel like I’m back in an Anthropology class in college trying to wrap my brain around gift-giving in tribal societies. But there’s like, a ton of geniuses quoted on the back saying how great it is, so…I have to finish it, right?

Point being, I think I’m pretty keenly aware that I need to write more. It’s not that I don’t write, it’s just that I do it so sporadically I can’t maintain progress on my projects. So, I’ve finally got myself a nice little WordPress template and am ready to try to get myself in some better habits in 2016 (and beyond).

So far, it’s 10:30 AM, I’m up, and I’ve written this so…we shall see if a girl can keep her resolutions.

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