Pi(e) Day Celebration 3.1416

Happy Pi Day to all my fellow geeks out there! If you’re not familiar with Pi, here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on it.

This year’s Pi Day is particularly special, because if you round off that fourth decimal place you get 3.1416 — and today is, of course, 3/14/16! (Sorry European friends, I know Americans write our dates like a bunch of selfish pricks. But if we didn’t, we could never celebrate Pi Day to begin with (there’s no month 14), so I think we’re getting our just desserts*.)

Today, in honor of Pi Day, Damon and I decided to make 2 different types of pi(e) — a pizza (him) and a peach pie (me).

Damon used a flatbread and made us a delicious pizza (that’s his half with the blue cheese and olives; sick, right?):


Damon made this thing with just good ol’ pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and his weirdo toppings. He doesn’t follow recipes, because he’s too good for that. I mean actually, though, he’s a pretty damn good cook for not being a ‘recipe guy’. He did fill the house with smoke but it’s just because some cheese wriggled its way off the pizza and onto the bottom of the oven.

And, while we’re on that topic, you should know that Honey FLIPS OUT every time the smoke detector goes off, but more on that later. Just know she hid in the bathroom for about 20 minutes, even after it had stopped.

I, on the other hand, complain profusely when a recipe is not available or can’t be followed exactly. So, when the store Damon went to for ingredients was out of fresh peaches, I fell into a pit of despair, decrying whatever pie I made as a fraud. A farce! Frozen peaches? My recipe says fresh peaches. Damon convinced me to try anyway. At this point, I had basically given up. I just went for it and EYEBALLED everything. God help us all.

After a bit of coercion, I agreed to try anyway. So, here’s my contribution, a peach pie. (Haven’t tasted it yet because it just came out of the oven. Am convinced it’s terrible.):



I hope it’s good. If I never write a blog post again please avenge my death by destroying all frozen peaches.

Damon’s digging in to the pie now. He’s bringing me a piece and…okay, it’s really damn good. Damon called it “the best dessert [I] ever made”. The peaches managed to retain their tartness, the pie isn’t too sweet, and the crust isn’t soggy at all! Pi Day success! Happy Pi Day everyone!


*I fully accept responsibility for this pun and sincerely apologize.

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