Post-Election Thoughts

Well…it’s over. After what feels like two long years of reading the news, the r/politics sub, and watching coverage for hours, it’s all over. The United States has finally chosen the person who will be its President for the next four years.

American Flag Post Election Thoughts

And that person is…Donald Trump.

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Yeah, this guy. (image from BusinessInsider)


The guy that no one thought would win. The guy that no one thought could win. And yet — here we are.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m not particularly pleased about the results of Tuesday’s election. And to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure it’s set in. Perhaps it will on inauguration day. Or perhaps I’ll spend the next four years kind of floating through my days in disbelief. Who knows.

Early last summer, I had chosen the person that I wanted to vote for for President, and that person was Bernie Sanders. I think, in some ways, I felt a much greater sense of loss earlier this summer when he ended his campaign. I felt far more connected to him, far more invigorated by and excited about his campaign. I never had that same love for Hillary Clinton. But I hoped, at least, that his platform would make it to the White House, giving Bernie something to work with from his senate seat.

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Heart eyes. (image from YouTube)

Not so. By far, though, the most devastating remnant of this election isn’t just the policies for the economy that I disagree with, or the climate change denial — no, it is the pure, unadulterated fear I see in the eyes of many of my POC, LGBTQ, Muslim and Jewish friends. They fear for their lives and their safety, and they have every right to because of things like this. The US is supposed to be a country founded on freedom. They deserve to live freely and without fear.

It is that, more than anything else, that leaves me nauseated and upset. Frustrated and disappointed. Disgusted and distraught.

Even as a writer, it’s difficult to fully put my thoughts in to words, or to organize them in any way that feels like it make sense. I feel like I’m rambling even now, trying to put paragraphs together that don’t seem to fit.

What I can say though, is — I’m not over it, and I won’t be. I will donate and take action for organizations like the ones listed here. I will continue to fight for human rights. I will stand up for people who are oppressed or mistreated. I will stand by your side in the streets. I will be a shoulder for you to cry on. I will hold your hand and we can cry together. I will use my privilege that I know exists as a white woman. I will speak up when I see racism. When I see sexism. When I see bigotry. And in two years, I’ll fight like hell to put progressives in to congress. And in four years, I’ll fight like hell to see a progressive in the White House. The fight isn’t over. And I won’t give up.

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