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We’re smack dab in the middle of the month — just 16 days away from the SPOOPIEST day of the year, Halloween! TBH, Halloween is actually my least favorite holiday of the year. Mostly because I don’t like being scared. I have plenty of memories of getting the bejeezus scared out of me when I was just a wee little geek gal in my batman costume (read: pajamas with cape), strolling down the street with my cousin who was wearing witch hat and a glued-on witch chin. Ah, the 90’s.

For some reason, this year I’m actually excited for the holiday. It’s probably because I have the best costume of my life in the works (I’m going as Eleven from Stranger Things — I linked to it here on Netflix, because if you haven’t watched it yet, literally drop everything and spend the next 8 hours doing so).

Stranger Things Eleven

MFW I win the costume contest at work

I’ve gotten everything in so far except the dress, which I chose to have custom made from FrenchieYork on Etsy. She says it’ll make it here in time, so here’s hoping it shows up next week!

The rest of the costume I put together from Etsy and Amazon — the jacket, the wig (which is fantastic, by the way), the shoes, and the socks I had left over from a costume Damon and I wore a few years ago when I was a cheerleader and he wore a wrestling singlet. (We scrounged up the outfits at Belmont Army.)

Wrestler Cheerleader Costume Halloween Couple Costume

Couple o’ knuckleheads

That was still one of my favorite couples costumes ever. As it turned out, it was a good thing I had the ol’ American Apparel socks laying around, because they’re sold out EVERYWHERE. I’ll be sharing pics of the completed costume on social media, so check back on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in a couple weeks!

I’m so excited for Halloween this year that I actually decorated. My Halloween decor consists of themed Beanie Babies & Beanie Buddies I’ve had for ages. Look at these cuties! It’s a Pumkin Beanie Buddy and the matching Pumkin Beanie Baby.

Pumkin Beanie Buddy and Beanie Baby

Yeah, these are from my ~*personal collection*~. Sorry fellas, I’m taken.

I also have the matching set of Batty and Spinner Beanie Baby & Buddy. I’ve had these things for years, since back when I was an insane Beanie collector back in the late junior high. Of course, I’ve sold off most of them now but I kept the decorative ones and a couple of my favorites. (Would have been a great college fund if I hadn’t sold them off in the late 2000s, when no one cared about them any more…and I’d already graduated college. Ha.)

This afternoon I’m shopping for more Halloween goodies from Modcloth while I watch Cutthroat Kitchen’s and Guy’s Grocery Games’ Halloween Specials. Just look at these lovelies:

Spell It Like It Is Jacket

Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About Socks

Overall Winner Jumper in Black

 Ugh. I’M OBSESSED. They’re about to wrap up a sale over there too, for 25% off $100. And I’m gonna be honest, it’s taking everything I have right now not to get at least that jacket. Alas, we have a wedding to pay for, so…maybe just the jumper and socks.

 Anyhoo…I’m off to pin all my ModCloth loves on Pinterest (Come hang!) and eat my skull & bone Halloween SweeTarts under the orange and dark purple Hue lights (we LOVE these things — I’ll discuss them more later in another post) in my spoopified apartment. BOO!

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  • Reply Kathy J October 15, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    Well Good Luck! You kind of resemble her.

    • Reply Kelley Greene October 16, 2016 at 11:08 am

      Thanks! I think it’s gonna turn out pretty sweet. I’m excited.

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