Sunday Shoes & Taco Trucks

Last Sunday, Damon and I ventured out to get new running shoes. The gym near our house is going to be opening soon, and we’re both looking forward to jogging again. We were doing pretty well training before our 5k last year, but since our good pal winter arrived, we’ve been…well, significantly less active. We’re hibernating. Give us a break.

I looked up running shoe stores in the area and we settled on the Fleet Feet over on Southport, in our old stomping grounds. We headed over early, hoping to grab some breakfast and then do some shopping. Instead, we ended up wandering all the way up to Irving Park looking for somewhere to eat. Neither of us were really interested in anything until we passed Candyality on our way back towards the shoe store.

Being that we’re basically two large children who are obsessed with all things Willy Wonka (except the new movie with Johnny Depp — don’t even go there), we had to stop in. We got a pretty solid haul of sour belts and SweeTarts (mine), and butterscotch cups and chocolate (Damon).

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We both wanted to eat the candy for breakfast but felt like it proooooobably wasn’t the best choice considering we were going to be doing anything else during the day. (For you kids out there, that’s basically how you know when you’re a responsible adult.) So, we settled on the food trucks parked outside the CVS.

After perusing the options, we ended up choosing breakfast tacos from La Cocinita.


And hot damn. The tacos were AMAZING. First off, they were extremely accommodating of me as a vegetarian. They even offered to add zucchini and corn to the taco just because they had it, and thought it would be something I’d like. Second, LOOK AT THIS MASTERPIECE:

IMG_1430Black beans. Rice. Cabbage. Corn. Zucchini. CHEESE. Everything.

We grabbed our tacos and sat down on a bench to eat. I don’t think either of us spoke for a full 5 minutes while we stuffed our faces.

After a bit of additional shopping (there are a ridiculous number of stores on Southport now), we finally made it down to Fleet Feet. It was our first time getting fitted for running shoes, and the experience was amazing. This extremely knowledgeable gal named Emily sized us up, watched us walk to check our gaits, and then picked out a few different options for each of us. She gave us tons of tips and explained everything she was doing and we learned a lot.

I could not be happier with the Nikes I got, and I can’t wait to get running on ’em!


For now, our gym hasn’t opened yet, and it’s Friday night at 9 and we’re already in bed watching American Pickers. Not quite ready to exit the cave, but we’re getting there.


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