Tofurky Pizza

Damon and I are having a frozen Tofurkey pizza for dinner for the first time. This week we decided to create a meal plan, which consists of some shitty scribbling on a piece of notebook paper with arrows redirecting “beans & rice” and “frito pie night” so we don’t have giant piles of beans two days in a row.

The idea behind it was to reduce our food waste and spending. After seeing John Oliver’s feature on Food Waste, we were really moved to adjust our behavior. In addition, we’re resetting ourselves on a solid budget for 2016 and want to do a better job of eating at home. We picked up a few extra staples here and there, but we’re hoping to overall spend a bit less. And considering my recent KonMari push, I’m all for having less things in the house anyway.

Tonight we were supposed to have tuna helper but we’re already off that and having a frozen pizza instead.

We just got the pizza out of the oven and Damon’s report is: “Well, it doesn’t taste like pizza.”

[Hold pls. Tasting now.]

I’ll call it “meh.” It’s too spicy for my delicate super taster tongue.


(Not sure what a supertaster is? Wikipedia. I can’t say like, offiiiiiiicially that I am one but I’m pretty damn sure. I’m also pretty damn picky so that doesn’t help, either. But I like to think most of my pickiness is due to being a supertaster. I can’t deal with bitter things, or spicy and — don’t even get me started on cilantro.)

Update: Okay, even Damon thinks it’s spicy. And he’s got Cajun genes.

Anyway, Damon’s making me macaroni and cheese now, so the meal plan seems to be going well.

And don’t worry, he finished the rest of my pizza.

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