Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

Blood of My Blood was definitely a more chill episode than last week’s. Although there was nearly no way for it to hit as hard as last week’s ending, we did still get some theories confirmed.


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We opened where we left off — Meera has left Hodor holding the door, and is dragging Bran through the winter wilderness. Bran is still snoozing while poor Meera does her best to pull him on a sled. It’s obvious she’s struggling, and Bran’s stoned as hell. Unfortunately for us, she’s too busy trying to get the both of them to safety and doesn’t have time to put shaving cream in his hand and tickle his cheek with a feather.

He’s seeing all sorts of amazing stuff — interestingly, things we haven’t seen on the show and things that Bran wasn’t present for. Young Ned with blood on his hands (Lyanna’s, presumably); Ned’s beheading. But the theme that persists throughout — Aerys’s voice. “Burn them all!”


Oh hai, Mad King Aerys. We see Jaime doin’ his Kingslayer thing, exploding wildfire, and flashes of White Walkers. And we keep hearing “Burn them all!” throughout — makes me wonder if there wasn’t a hint about that wildfire being necessary to destroy the White Walkers. There are a lot of theories, though, that Cersei will be the one to bring King’s Landing down via wildfire. Things aren’t going particularly well there for her, so should be interesting to see.

As an aside — early on, in the House of the Undying, Dany sees a vision of herself walking through the throne room with what appears to be snow falling; but is it snow, or ash? Really looking forward to gaining more insight on what’s to come in KL.

But, getting back to Bran and Meera — Bran wakes up just in time to let Meera know that her efforts have been futile, and they’ve been located. Thanks, Bran.


Luckily for them…Coldhands, to the rescue! He’s got a flaming fireball and frostbitten fingertips, but is strong enough to one-handed rip Bran off the sled and carry him and Meera off to safety. But he won’t show his face! How suspicious.

Over to Sam and Gilly, who are riding a carriage over to Horn Hill. We get our first glimpse, and dayyyyyym Horn Hill hawt as hell! Much larger castle than I’d pictured when reading the book. We get to meet Sam’s mother and sister, who are super sweet and so excited to meet Gilly and baby Sam. Luckily, Dad ‘n’ baby bro are out on a hunt, so they all get a few moments to get acquainted.

Sam’s sister takes Gilly off for what has got to be her first ever bath. And she gets her all fancied up — yes, Gilly puts on a DRESS! Most adorable thing ever. Time for dinner!


Gilly is doing her best with a fork and knife and also trying to remember to not tell anyone she’s a wildling. But oops, that slips out, and worst dad ever candidate (he’s still alive, so he could possibly overtake Tywin Lannister) Randyll Tarly does not take kindly to that. He also doesn’t take kindly to Sam eating carbs. Gilly tells them all that Sam killed a White Walker but no surprise, they don’t believe her. Whatevs. Sam is instructed to leave at first light. Gills is gettin’ set up in her new bedroom.

Sam comes in to say goodbye, then leaves. Then he bursts back in 5 seconds later — they’re outta here. Sam can’t leave her there, and it’s probably a good move. She may not be as safe as he’d like her to be. He tells Gilly to grab her things, and oh yeah, she literally doesn’t own anything at all. But they’re about to own one thing — and it’s Heartsbane, the Tarly family Valyrian steel sword. TBH, Sam is gonna need this way more than anyone else in the Tarly family in the future when he’s back at The Wall. But, they’re off to Old Town. So at this point, Randyll is either going to go after them for the sword, or keep the whole thing quiet so as not to admit that his ‘lame’ son snagged it. We’ll see.

Off to Braavos. Arya has some work to do.


Whee! Reliving Joffrey’s death! But…No One has not reached sneak skill level 100, and she gets stopped by her mark after poisoning her drink. After a few tense moments of conversation, we can see that Arya’s morality is winning out. She slaps the drink out of Actor Cersei’s hand and saves her from…well, Arya. She warns her against the fake Sansa’s plan to have her killed.

She leaves and digs out…Needle! Yes! There’s always been a question about whether or not she was going to make it as one of the Faceless Men, and this pretty well answers it. However, they’re clearly not going to be happy about this.

Waif bitch wants her dead, what else is new? Jaqen approves, and Arya goes down in to…her bedroom? Not a particularly good hiding spot. But she has her sword now, so we can expect a pretty dramatic showdown to come. Also, unrelated but Jaqen totally peels a dude’s face off and it’s disgusting.


Save the drama for No One’s mama.

Over to King’s Landing, for a showdown on the steps of the Stony Sept. (Say that 3 times fast.) Margaery has had a quick moment with Tommen, and seems as though she’s repentant. Tommen eats it up, because he’s Tommen. On the other side, though — the Tyrell army is marching in.



Here’s something interesting, though — Marg’s not had a haircut. You’d think this might be an indicator for Jaime or Mace, but they’re dudes and apparently can’t tell whether Margie has long hair or a pixie cut. And so, they try to look as tough as possible, and Jaime threateningly rides his horse up a flight of stairs (Can it even get down? I’m imagining them trying to make some kind of ramp while Jaime retreats, embarassed.).

IT’S A STANDOFF! The Tyrell Army vs. The Sparrows!


Lancel is becoming more zealot-y by the day.

Except it isn’t, because the High Sparrow seems to be agreeing to their demands. Except he isn’t, because Margaery has already delivered something to him.


Goddammit, Tommen. Can you just, not? For like five seconds. Don’t.

No really. Just like, play with your cat and hate beets and let the adults take care of this one.


Really, this guy again? Sigh. Well, at least this scene confirms that the information given to Sansa by Littlefinger was in fact, true. The Blackfish has retaken Riverrun, and Walder Frey continues to live on pure hate and spite. Murderous old freak.

And now for a quick chat between Jaime and Cersei. Get this. JAIME IS GOING TO THE RIVERLANDS! Now he’s back on track for his book storyline, except for the part where he thinks Cersei is the worst. Maybe it’s coming. One can only hope.

Jaunt back to Bran and Meera. Time to find out Coldhands’ identity. IT’S UNCLE BENJEN! He was dead, but now he’s not (kewl he and Jon will have stuff to talk about when they reunite). This has been a longtime theory, but this looks like confirmation. Odd considering GRRM had said that Coldhands was dead a long time…suppose it just depends on a person’s opinion of how long a long time is. Either way. THEORY CONFIRMATION: COLDHANDS IS BENJEN. (Now let’s just see if he’s also Euron or Daario. Lols.)

Finally, we head back over to Essos for a clip of “Everybody Loves Khaleesi”. She’s taking her Dothraki blood riders on a trek and they’re headed back to Meereen.


All the images in my post today are from HBO. And apparently they can’t provide one freaking shot of Dany on Drogon’s back. Instead, here’s the crowd.

Dany pops up onto Drogon, because apparently all she had to do was burn down a house and now he obeys her every whim. No whip necessary. She gives a rousing speech to the Dothraki, and they’re ready to go for a trip across the narrow sea to pillage Westeros. But first — Meereen, I’m guessing.

This episode felt short but sweet. We got some storyline advancement and a few great moments from Arya and Sam. Only four episodes remain this season. It’s going by too fast!

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