Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

WARNING! This post contains spoilers.

I was going to take a fun photo of myself by the movie poster after we got finished but I spilt nacho cheese all over my shirt and pants before the movie started. So, here’s a logo from the internet.


Who am I kidding? I was definitely the last person to see this film.

Star Wars was AMAZING! I loved the film, thought it was excellent. They did a tremendous job of intermingling the old and the new. And it’s great to see some of those earlier characters in a film that’s a much higher quality and with better effects. The scenery was realistic, and the story was driven, not plodding around the way some of the films are.

Here’s my take on the movie.

I love that the main character is female. Rey is strong and smart and don’t need no man. Finally.
Damon and I watched Episodes IV, V and VI in the past week and they were great, though I definitely did feel myself being frustrated at the way Leia was treated and portrayed. The scene where she and Han first kiss was infuriating — here she is saying “I’m not interested,” then after he forces her to kiss him suddenly they’re in love! How…beautiful? I really liked that you can tell straightaway that she can handle herself, and he is very clearly aware of that. Also that Rey is in to Finn, but early on they make it okay for her to tell him to stop holding her hand. And he lets go when she tells him to. And later she gets to make the choice and offers her hand to him. Nothing creepy or rape-y about that. Also, they’re adorable. #love


Love Finn. Love Kylo Ren.
Both of these actors are great. Both of their characters are well-written. I feel like you understand more about each of them and their personal struggles without needing any long, arduous backstory (though you do get more of Kylo Ren’s than Finn’s, simply because of his heritage). And that’s due to both the dialogue and the acting.

Admiral Ackbar hasn’t aged at all.
But Hollywood isn’t saying anything about that.

BB-8 is the cutest and best and I want hims forever.
I noticed as the credits rolled that one of BB-8’s voice consultants was Bill Hader. What other human could take a series of beeps and blorps and make them mean something?


Han Solo.
😭😭😭 I may have cried. Also Damon. He cried first.

Theory wise: Damon thinks that Rey is Kylo Ren’s twin sister, similar to the Luke/Leia situation. Personally I’m hoping she’s Luke’s kid, and he didn’t know she existed. They’re the last of the Jedi, right? So she has to be from their line somewhere? I’m asking, I don’t actually know.

Couple of cool things I noticed: Sounds like Kylo Ren’s first name is Ben. Named after Ben Kenobi? And I really dug that the island that he saw Rey had been dreaming about was actually a vision of hers of where Luke was. I also really enjoyed that they didn’t spell it out blatantly in the film. That’s one of the things that makes me want to watch it again – I’m wondering what I might have missed.

One other neat thing was that in all the trailers I’d seen for the film, they never gave anything away. People were still wondering about plot points when they sat down to see the film. Nowadays I feel like most of the time the clips in the trailer are all the best parts of the movie. Also, major props to the internet for keeping secrets.

Overall I found the movie to be fantastic. I already want to watch it again! But this time in my house where I’m not trying to balance an ICEE, nachos and Sour Patch Kids on my lap. Looking forward to Episode VIII as well! I hope Star Wars lasts forever.

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