Coconut Oil

Sunday night I put coconut oil in my hair as a moisturizer.

My hair is wavy/curly and the ends tend to be pretty dry. Claire told me she uses coconut oil in her hair sometimes, so I thought I’d go for it. Mine’s been especially bad this winter because of how long it is.

Here’s a picture online of how you’re apparently supposed to put coconut oil in your hair, which I found while Google Image Searching “coconut oil in hair” tonight (you’ll soon understand why I have no pics of my own):


I, however, make my own rules and think I’m too good for the internet and its instructions. I dropped the jar in the bath with me to heat it up, then poured the jar on my head and grabbed handfuls out to coat the rest of my hair. Since I didn’t have a shower cap, I stuffed my hair into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and then pulled it on to my head. It fit surprisingly well.

I let it sit for around 40 min or so, then washed my hair twice in the shower and hopped out to let it air dry. I kept running my hands through what I expected to be a tactile Vidal Sassoon commercial, but for some reason they just kept feeling slimy.

After a bit, I told Damon, “It looks wet. I think I did this wrong.” He said, “Hon, it’s fine, just let it dry.” So I sat on the couch for an hour or so while we watched TV. Then I showed it to him again. “It’s dry now, and I don’t think it looks better. Maybe I’ll just wear a hat tomorrow.” He touched my hair, then showed me his greasy hand. “You’re gonna have to wash it again. It’s bad.”

You know that phase that everyone went through in the late 90’s where they’d put all that gel in their curly hair and just “scrunch” it? So it was like stiff as hell and crunchy all day? Wait, are some of you still doing this? Whoops. It looks great. NEVER CHANGE. Ahem. Anyway, mine looked like that, except instead of stiff, it was oily. I looked like Medusa, but with grease snakes.

So I washed it again, leaned over the tub, my million pounds of hair upside down while I scrubbed the shit out of it. I’m pleased to report our handheld shower head did not manage to get out of my control and spray me in the face. I let it air dry a second time, AND…FINALLY it turned out lovely! 10/10, would dump coconut oil all over my head, wear a Ziploc bag and wash my hair a minimum of 3 times again.

Also my back got coconut oil all over it while my hair dried so some of my skin got moisturized too. #health #healthtips #moist*


*Worst word.


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